15: 1994 Citroen Xantia 1.9d LX

Proper mingebag spec non-turbo diesel Xantia. Was actually a very tidy, low mileage bus, and I should really have kept it, but hey ho.


  1. Hello, I've just bought the clone of this car. Identical model/colour/year. 37,000mls from new and is immaculate :-)

    Fortunately (?) I'm an ex French car specialist garage owner. Worked at a few Citroen dealerships as mechanic and then foreman mechanic for years prior to this. Note: I could describe myself as a 'Citroen Technician' or even 'Master Technician', but that would make me a tosser.

    After agreeing to buy the Xantia, I remembered that it was a Xantia that ended my lovely business...
    Whilst doing a clutch and engine job, I obliterated a few discs in my back.

    After a lot of pain, major operations and becoming a full-blown morphine addict :-) I finally quit my trade and became a specialist book seller.

    You seemed to have owned a really interesting range of cars. In fact I bet that - like myself - you subconsciously really love 'Autoshite'...

    I have a friend that was a serial car buyer. Alfasuds, old Saabs, Beetles, VW aircooled camper van, TR7, Citroens, BMW 5-Series etc. All came my way for pennies so he could finance his next must have classic...

    My advice to serial car buying addicts: wait for a mint late eighties or a bit later low mileage car to turn up. Do a fanatical rust-proofing job. Buy every single piece of mechanical parts for peanuts on eBay. Drive it for years and get to know it like your mum, so you can out-drive anyone on the twisty roads. Make that car last forever and sell it in 2058 and buy a small bungalow by the sea with the proceeds and ride the Yamaha R1 that you also bought in 2018 as your daily transport :-) Have fun.

    1. Awesome! I had a discectomy in January and I'm back to work tomorrow! That xantia was lovely. The ZXs were good as well, currently I'm a fully signed up Honda apologist, bought another one this week I'm collecting at the weekend. Love how relatively easy they are to work with as well, nicely engineered. :)